Only one Judgement

🌟 Remarks

There is this psycological phenomenon called the dunning-kruger effect where a person who is incompetent regard themeselves as being more competent than they should be, whereas the person who are competent miss to spot the incompetence of others and regard everyone to be competent. In a study conducted with software engineers, the software engineer regard himself as being top 10 best in the company when he is actually failed doing the test. The tragic thing is that everybody in the company does this.

This effect happens to all of us. Humana are inheritly very bad at judging themselves or others, but it is what christians do for breakfast. We like to know what we are like and what others is like yet we do it with our own limited knowledge of everything.

In soing Godly living, we like to condemn ourselves when we are actually on the right path, and convince that we are on the right track when we are drifting away misserably. Judgement is by the Lord and humans should not judge for we are the one to be judged.

🌟 Reference

Jeremiah 5:4 But I said: Perhaps these are poor and foolish, that know not the way of the Lord, the judgement of their God.

Jeremiah 10:24 Correct me, O Lord, but yet with judgement: and not in fury, lest thou bring me to nothing.

🌟 Relevancy

Often we get lost in our own little worlds of condemnation and righteousness. Missing the time where we should ask others for feedback instead of scoring ourselves based on what we know. And this is most of the time happens because of ego. Ego is what shifts and distorts our view of the world.

Ego can be put into anything, even doing good and serving others. This is the thing that got be to disdain the youth fellowship at the beginning. When people were asked to sing infront to praise the lord, they put a little bit of ego in it that produces competition of who is the best singer. When told to write a reflection every morning, they put a little bit of ego in it to produce a competition of who writes the longest and earliest in the morning. When told to chasten others, only bitterness and sharp words come our of their mouths not because they are good at chastening or seeing the faults in others, but because they are really bad at spotting the good of mankind.

I was on of those, spotting the faults in others very quickly. Judging everyone i meet immediately as well as regarding myself as being more qualified than others. But turns out, many other people is like this, like me. By practicing to see the good in others, we can reverse this effect as well as training our mind to be humble and removing that gooey ego out of our hearts for there is only one true judge and that is the Lord, not