No Condemnation in Christ

🌟 Remarks

As i read through the scripture, it seemed wierd to learn that Paul’s line: “Wretched man i am, who will save me from this body of death!” is an expression of joy. Life is full of ways and it is our job to find the right way to live. Finding the right way is awesome and is an acomplishment but failing in another way too is an acomplishment for at least you know that does not work. Like discovering that option C is wrong, so you’re left with A, B, and C to work with.

So that’s what Paul is is experiencing. He discovers that no, He could not succees if he kept on continuing and that this way, the worldly way will only lead to death. And this is quite tricky to discover in that the wrong way is actually the way that convinces us the most to be right. This is because the wrong way is motivated by our internal human spirit which is quite precious, very precious to ua actually.

Therefore we can see many people thwart the way of the Lord, disdain the Word and walk on their own “wonderful” design. They are we, we all, all of us. We all have at some point been doing this, or right now actually are in the process of doing it.

🌟 Reference

Isaiah 55:9 For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts.

🌟 Relevancy

So in conclusion, what we need to know is how to steer the wheel to the right path. For that we need a map. Life is full of choices and dreams and hopes that men could only chase. But to actually achieve it we need guidance. The Word of the Lord is the map for Godly Living.

By digesting more of these Words, our Spirit will grow in strength just like eating food. The Word is the food for the Spirit therefore we need to consistently feed our spirit. Sometimes just like food the Word of God might not taste good, or that we don’t quite understand it. But it is foos nontheless and we need to eat in order to survive.

Reflectinf from my own life, i think i was in my own way, then i drive back to God’s way, but then i drive away again. I think instead of a line, the journey of a man to be Godly is more like a squiggly line. Similar to Israel, they obey then disobey, then obey again only to disobey. I too am a work in progress and although my life journey is like a drunk driver walking in a straight line, I belive God still leads me and direct me. He is the Author of mt Life and He has a good ending to the story of