Why do we pray

Praying to God is a form of fellowship that is really crucial to be a successful Christian living a christian life. Praying is communicating our thoughts to Jesus. But why? Did’nt He know everything about us and what we need? Yes but He also wants us to be engaged with Him, to be proactive to interact spirit to spirit.

We also pray as a form of trust, when we know everything in our life is in control, we lack the need to pray seriously except to just thank God for the good life that He has given us and then quickly go to sleep. But a real prayer, a good prayer is ofthen offered when someone is in real trouble, being in the state of helplessness.

David prayed to God when being chased by Saul and Absalom, Moses prayed to God to deal with the complaining Israel, and Jesus even prayed to ask if the cup He is about to take can be passed on. Now that we know that Jesus Himself prayed, we also now know that because of that, the receiver of our prayer is the Father, He listens to us through our prayer.

To pray is like entering the Most Holy Chamber in the temple of God. That is why it is said that when we pray, we go to a secret room, away from others and pray. We establish the presence of God in that room and we enter the Most Holy Chamber to meet God. THen there we receive the wills of GOd and we also offer our thanks and gratitude for all that has happened to us good and bad.