What is Condemnation

Being condemed or being faced with a consequence is the result of one doing sin. The punisher is the LAW, the law is the rule of tha God gave to Mosses a way of putting things into order when men do not want to listen to God. But when God Himself came in the form of Jesus, the opposite happens, people do not want to listen to Jesus but to the Law of Mosses.

The Law isn’t any magical or heavely rule that God placed among men, it is simply regulations of how to live life so that your neighbour wouldn’t complain your existance, it is a moral set of rules to live a good life. But then people take it too far that they do not regard Jesus, the God that created these rules/

It is not about obeying rules, it is about the relationship, it is not about the rituals and sacrifices, it is about the fellowship with God

Hosea 6:6 For I desire mercy and not sacrifice, And the knowledge of God more than burnt offerings.

Jesus rebuked the pharises to be such a rule headed people when they do not do what they say. They do not have integrity. And then came the crucifixion, the authorities and religious leaders sought to get rid of Jesus and they did. They CONDEMED Jesus greatly but He ROSE FROM THE DEAD, Jesus showed the whole world that He is not bound to the law, Jesus is more than a set of rules on 2 rocks.

but us, we should respect these rules and not transgress, for they simulate what God wants us to do and be. Prohibitions are for protection and not for