Watch and Pray


Watching and being aware of oneÔÇÖs surroundings, as well as praying for assistance of the divine is what we ought to do when facing trials. Watching means we observe the situation around us and then ask God for His wisdom concerning what we should do.

Watching and praying is one good way of fighting the flesh, the flesh is really weak, by that i mean really strong. A really strong drive and motivation to sin. The Spirit is gentle, it is Holy, and simply went away if we keep on sinning.



Recently i have been facing my biggest war on flesh. It is the biggest war in my entire life in fact. As you all know, i need to prepare a ton of preparations for the enterance examination, not only 1, but 4 universities. Then school adds the pressure by including school projects, exams and homeworks

Now, i do not have a really good relationship with pressure. When the amount of pressure is just right, i can finish things quickly and efficiently, i can even clear up my task a week ahead. But now that it is a gigaton of work, i am so discouraged to even start.

So i procrastinated, again and again to only satisfy my stressed soul with instant gratification. As a result. If you havenÔÇÖt noticed, i got many many bad scores, in chem test i obtained 40, in maths test i obtained 73. This all is a result of my lack of sleep and lack of motivation.

I need a new fire, a fire that will burn inside, a new strong motivation. During his latest talk in assembly, koko informed us that we need to know first what God want us to be for everything else will not define who we are, well that sounds nice but then how do i know it. Practically how can i achieve the understanding of what God want out of me. Perhaps i just have to persevere.