The Travail of Christ's Soul

⭐ Remark

His life wasn’t as nice as it may seem. He might be loved by many, He might have done many miracles, but all that comes at a cost. A cost that only He could pay. He suffered our sins as He redeemed them one by one, He suffered our sickness as He healed us one by one.

Like energy, sin is conserved, not loss. He took that sin and took the beating it cast upon Him and He smiled at us as He suffers the pain that should’ve been ours. He placed Himself in our place.

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⭐ Relevancy

Everything comes at a cost. Christ proofed that we are stronger than we thought we were.

Everything comes at a cost, sometimes a man with dreams will be overthrown by his own dream. A man must conquer His dreams. Jesus saw this in humanity, we are so lost and conquered by sin that we forgot we can conquer them. So He came down and be one of us and win.

Since thenon, many Christians have conquered sin and be martyrs to Christ.

I have a big dream, buts not once only so i forget that my effort is not enough, i need to fight to get it, but the spirit of but God dircts me to paths never discovered that led me to more discoveries. My journey is still far, but i can see the outcome