A Son of man named Jesus - A New Covenant

This is a transition into a new beginning. Let us go on a journey discovering the biggest transition into a new BEGINNING that has ever happened.

🌟 Remarks

Way back when, GOD created men. He seperated them from the beasts of the field and placed them in His garden, they lived in deep fellowship with Him and ruled the land together. But one day the woman was offered a choice by a beast lingering on a tree, a beastly urge grew inside her. She was faced with a choice, to be the image of GOD or to be something else. The woman took the latter. The man soon followed. Opening a gate for evil and darkness to enter the good land, GOD banished them into the realm of the beasts. But during that moment GOD presented them with a vision of a prophecy that one day a KING would rise from the line of ADAM : /Humanity/. The man will crush the serpents head, but will also receive the snake bite wound, the man will defeat evil by taking its full force of destruction. The first True King of Israel was David and they thought he was the promised King but he too fell into the beastly urge called sin, he was not the prophesied King. Generations after generations of Kings and all of them fall into the urge. The trespass of the nation reached its climax when the Kings ordered worshiping of idols instead of GOD Himself. God was dissapointed and the big bad empire babylon takes them out.

One night, a no name virgin bore a child in a manger, visited by dirty shepards under the light of a star. This was all prophetic, Christ was born in the humblest method of all deliveries to signify what kind of act He will be doing. Israel was ruled under the Roman Empire with the help of a puppet King, Herod. The Son would soon grow up to a man we all know as Jesus or as people like to call: Christ, or the Messiah. But Jesus Himself never called Himself that, instead He chose the nickname “The Son of Man”. So What does the son of man means, aren’t all of us the children of men? The phrase first appeared in a vision, a dream by a man called Daniel. Daniel and his friends have just been captured by the Big Bad empire Babylon and are forced to serve the King. In that dream, Daniel saw 4 destructive and wild beasts. These are hybrid monsters that came out of the dark seas, but the fourth one was so mutant there was nothing to compare it too. These beasts turned out to be images resembling the corrupt rulers that govern the world at that time. Flashback even further to the past, when Adam and Eve have just fallen into the realm of the beasts, they bore Cain and Abel. At some point in the story, Cain was faced with this beastly urge against his brother, like his parents he was faced with a choice and like them he chose to put on that grizzly coat and devour his brother into death. Cain’s decendants, still inheriting that beastly gene came together and build a Big Bad empire called Babylon, the place Daniel had just been captured into.

But something remarkable happen in that dream. Daniel saw the beast being brought up to a court in the Heavenly realm and was condemned by GOD into destruction, which is a good thing but Daniel saw something else: turns out there was another throne just sitting on the right side of GOD’s throne and it was empty and then a guy named THE SON OF MAN rise on a cloud to sit on that throne and moreover, this guy began to summon people of all nation to join his movement, the “Upside Down Kingdom” movement. Let us now fast forward back to the time of Jesus. He was claiming to be that Son of Man. He went along healing people and removing that beast from people’s life. He is summoning a crowd of humble souls that seek freedom from the rule under their corrupt leaders. People are beginning to believe that this was indeed the prophesied KING who will bring them out of bondage. But to their astonishment, Jesus was hanged on the cross. People saw this as a brutal way of dying, not fit for a King but even while Jesus was being put into trial in the court room, He said “The time has come for the Son of Man to enter into his glory, and God will be glorified because of him.” While many people saw an end to Christ, Jesus saw something else. He saw a new Beginning

🌟 Reference

John 13:31 NLT As soon as Judas left the room, Jesus said, “The time has come for the Son of Man to enter into his glory, and God will be glorified because of him.

John 10:10 NKJV The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.

Genesis 4:7 (UKJV) If you do well, shall you not be accepted? and if you do not well, sin lies at the door. And unto you shall be his desire, and you shall rule over him.

🌟 Relevancy

Let us take a brief glance at the world today. The beasts are still lingering among us, like fleas hopping from one man to another during the black plaque, so does this beastly urge called sin among us. Choosing to put on this beastly costume will turn us into animals that devour each other for personal gain. We become devils that come only to steal, kill and destroy. And you couldn’t confess more that you too are infected by this deadly disease. The movement against this sin thing has begun and is still going, shall we join? Who is Jesus. Like really, who is this guy? He claimed to be the Son of man, He turned water into wine, cured the leper, openned the eyes of the blind, divided the oceans, rained meteors from the sky, split the earth to swallow wicked men and not once has He commited sin. He was a no-name stranger but now our greatest philosophers write about Him, our greatest poets write about Him, Operas play His story, Films, Songs, EVERYTHING. If you go to Kremlin in the Uni Soviet you will see paintings of Him on the walls, and the songs will relate to Him in some way, our pop-culture movies are inspired after His story, Lord of The Rings depicting Jesus and His disciples, Superman, you name it. He was faced with all kinds of trial you and I have ever faced but not once did He chose that beastly urge over the Will of God. Who is Jesus? When we hear the word Jesus, a good-looking long-haired American popped into our mind. But that is just artist renderings of what He looked like, so how come there is no real documentation of what he looked like? Because GOD INTEDED THIS, He does not want us to worship an image, a statue, a diecast. He is a Spiritual GOD and we must WORSHIP HIM IN SPIRIT. For this is the point of the movement, to bring humanity out from the beastly realm and into the Spiritual realm.

So how do we join? How do we sign up? Yet perhaps all of you have joined and I believe you all have believed and accepted Christ as your Lord and Saviour. So the better question is: what if after joining, we go back into commiting sin? This is where we all struggle, we all fail into sin again and again like a loop of death. For it is. Life in Christ is not entering a new sin-free world. Trials and tribulations still come and the beast will still be knocking our door and wait for us to open. But we have a choice. And the right choice to take seemed to be joining the fellowship of Christ and be dead everyday, this is what entering His Body means: to die of our old self agin and again and again and persevere until the coming of His Kingdom.

This moment is a new day of the year. People go out on the streets and blow trumpets, but let us take a brief moment to just think of a new year’s resolution. Don’t think it as a cliché brothers and sisters for goals are not bad. We need something to strive for. To strive for every second, every new beginning.