Seperation from God


Being seperated from God is the last thing we want in a fellowship. Jesus is life and He is the source of all good and the reason we are still here. Although not all of us can claim to feel God’s presence, they are in God’s presence.

God’s presence extends to the far ends of the universe, His sovereign reign bow th mountains and silence the oceans. Being in His presence and experiencing His love is the reason we live.

But, there is one place thst has no presence of God. That place is called hell. But what we need to realize is that we can create hell in ourselves when we do not live in the presence of God.



The presence of God is like rain, it falls on all things and covers them. But men discovered the umbrella. By thinking, talking, living through the other law, men are putting on the umbrella and rejecting God’s presence because they think it’s wet and dirty and bad.

So instead of being covered and nourished by His presence and blessings, men made their own blessing. Adam and eve had been seperated from God’s presence, but they still have spiritual connection. God still talk to the decendants of men and men to God. But never can you find men hanging out with God and discussing the word like it used to.

Only the righteous can do that. So let us be righteous and see God, let us discard our ugly deeds and spend more time on Him and build a good relationship. Learn more of the Word and seek it earnestly.

I was too seperated from God. When childhood transitions to teenage life, the mind, my mind experienced a lot of changes. It began to be proud and confident in itself. It convinces itself that it is mighty and powerful, forgetting the almighty and powerful.

Until i was humbled and found the path. Men can be close to God when they are humble. Babylon fall, egypt fall. And it is all because of their pride. Stay humble, it is the key to a good relationship with God.