Praying for one another


A few months ago i participated in an international church conference where one of the speakers talked about prayer, but not just prayer, this is intercession. For starters you may be more familiar with the phrase doa syafaat, that is this.

So in a prayer, what do we pray for? Health? Family? Money? Hapiness? While all of that is not wrong nor is it sinful, it is definitely self centered. Thini about it, is prayer like belanja bulanan? Where you restock blessings to different sections of your life. Is this the way God wants us to relate to Him? Is it a relationship at all? Where one just ask the other for this and that.

A good relationship is a multi directional attention giving, one does not only get but also give. In intercession, the intercessor start out with “Lord what is it that is in Your heart? What do you want me to do”

They make themselves available to the Lord. You see, the Lord has a mission and that is to turn this world into an army of priests, because He is the King priest like what is mentioned in Exodus. And for that He needs a medium on which He can work on, like a third party that will link 2 other. Like Mosses between God and the Israelites, he became Godd’s tool, he receive commands and do it.


Exodus 19:6 and you will be to me a kingdom of priests and a holy nation.’ These are the words that you will speak to the Israelites.”


After making themselves available to be God’s tool, these intercessors will start praying whatever the Spirit puts in their hearts. You see, we are in a battle but not against blood and bone, it is against the spirits of the air, the demons and the darkness.

When you start making yourself God’s tool, will He not provide you with everything you need to accomplish the mission?

When i first started praying for the nation, the worldly leaders and the conflicts, it felt totally different, i became selfless. By praying for others you will prioritize their well being above yours and because of that you will stop worying about what you will eat, drink or wear for the Lord has your back.

So i stopped telling God to bless me this and that, but simply pray a grateful prayer and ask God for more, for more missions to accomplish together. Blessings does not stop coming, in fact it became more concentrated, by praying for others i do not expect to receive blessinga myself, but turns out it is other people who prays for me. This is the world i want to live in, where everyone pray for everyone else and not oneself. A selfless world for God’s presence or in Hebrew EDEN - עֵדֶן‬)