I still remember, I can’t forget, those days i ran down the corridor, towards the stairs that ends in the lobby. I can’t forget, I still remember, the places that gave me memories, which ends as a memory.

I can still hear the sounds of my youth, my friends and secrets never forgotten. I can see, the faces whose names blurred out, but personalities never lost. The smell of rain chilled me with nostalgia and awe.

The love in Christmas brought me hope in my sorrows. The simplicity of nature brought me back to life.

I’m searching happiness in my success, felt loneliness in the crowds. Seeing happiness console another will then fade away the sadness in me. I make friends, where some will then be called best friends. I make one step closer to them and they turn to enemies. And if they don’t, they become my brothers.

It’s interesting how time flies, transforming people to become someone else. But there are these patterns, predictable patterns, teaching me how life works and the direction it is flowing