Our Participation

Psalms 51:10 (NKJV) Create in me a clean heart, O God, And renew a steadfast spirit within me.

The Lord really wants us to participate in the fellowship of the Lord that the relationship of men and God can be restored like the early days of creation. Where men dwell in the presence of GOd and do not perish for they are one. Men walk side by side with GOd and contribute to the creation of many things bringing them to existance. Giving the experience of life and existance to many creatures, the life that is in God.

Except that SINce the fall of men, men continued to stray further and farther from God until the world of men was totally seperated from the Holy presence of God.

In this modern day, if we want to contribute to the fellowship of God we need to invite God’s presence to the world through prayer, kindness and working in the Holy Spirit. By that, we are creating a clean space for the hand of God to work with us, we can participate in the good works of the Lord.

But the thing is many of us aren’t interested anymore in bringing back the world of God to the world of men, we don’t have to do it actually because the kingdom of GOd will come eventually. But we need to participate if we want to be recognised later on during judgement.

The only way we can ever truly work with GOd is when we have a clean heart, a heart that desires no evil nor a heart that envy, but a heart that is from God and contain the pricipalities of Heaven,a heart that is humble and seeks lowliness and the good of God.

Let us build back our broken world by putting back first our hearts together, puzzle the broken pieces back to restore the broken peace of the