Not Trusting in Ourselves

— Remark —

It is obvious that we should not trust in this imperfect faliling body of ours but the question is do we really do it? Do we really trust the Holy Spirit instead of pure flesh. Psalms said, wisdom cried out and understanding is easy to find. Wusdom and understanding that us from the Lord is easy to find so then why are there still a lot of fools in the world.

Well that is because they thought they fixed the problem, or simply not knowing that they have a problem. To solve this we need a help from the Holy Spirit. With the Holy Spirit we will be able to discern the good and the bad.

— Reference —

Proverbs 3:13 Blessed is the one who finds wisdom, and the one who obtains understanding.

Proverbs 8:1 Does not wisdom call out? Does not understanding raise her voice?

Proverbs 16:16 How much better it is to acquire wisdom than gold; to acquire understanding is more desirable than silver.

— Relevancy —

Trusting the Lord may sometime bring you into situations where the Holy Spirit has a different approach to the problem than your flesh, and in this we usually have a dilema.

But more that is not usuaally the biggest problem, the biggest problem in teenage spiritual life to know if that other voice is truly the Holy Spirit or not, because they listen to their foolish firends and they get emotional and think it is the Holy Spirit.

It is not impossible that the Spirit can use those people but if only plays with your emotion then that is not the Holy Spirit, the Spirit gives you illumination,