Not Falling Asleep with Sorrow

🌟 Remarks

I remember the days when i thought that there was just too much problems and work to be done so i just sleep. Sleeping is one way of escaping stress. But a very efficient way of declaring defeat. Turning back and sorowfuly closing yoyr eyes hoping when they open the world would be a different place and that every problem would have been solved.

Jesus told us to pray boldly, to speak to God with respect. On the other hand, stress, anxiety, frustration is an indication that we aren’t praying in the right way and we still are using our own power and resources

🌟 Reference

Mazmur 91:1-2 (TB) Orang yang duduk dalam lindungan Yang Mahatinggi dan bermalam dalam naungan Yang Mahakuasa akan berkata kepada TUHAN: “Tempat perlindunganku dan kubu pertahananku, Allahku, yang kupercayai.”

🌟 Relevancy

My father told me i still rely too much on my own strength and because of that i struggle my way to the top, not saying that we shouldn’t work hard to achieve, but it is self-evident that my ways of achieving things isn’t going to help me for this one, university, it is the one big dragon i’m trying to conquer right now.

I realised that by praying with less words but more meaning can change a lot of the effect. It can bring greater impact to the world and my personal life. I realised that God wants faith, not formality.

On the past few days i feel that the Lord has been approaching me as i once again can feel His works in my life, and i ser them clearly like i used to long time ago. I am renewed by the