Moving From Dissapointments

While living life, we are more than likely to have made many plans. We plan on what to do, we plan on what to study, who to be friends with, and so on. And more than likely as well those plans are to fail misserably. But we learn and we walk it off, we face more of life and we make more plans, fail some more and learn again.

But one day there will be a plan which effects will determine the rest of your life greatly. And how do you make a decision for that? You have failed a lot in the past so how should you decide this time for you want it to work. Well when you ask this to people they will say things like: ask God, listen for His words. But anyone can say this when they don’t know what to say. For when you hear this you will feel motivated for a while and back to confusion in the next 5 minutes. You want something practical and understanable, you don’t want beautiful words, you want assurance.

Many of you have someone to ask besides God, or at least someone to intercede between you and God, someone wiser, someone of more knowledge and experience. You can listen and do, and it will be alright, you might fail but you remember the decision was not yours so there is nothing to worry about.

But will come a time where you would need to make your own decision on something very very big and it will greatly affect your future. And by that i mean, truly alone. Worries will surely come and fear and self-doubt but what you need to believe is that God is with you. He will be beside you wether or not you make the right decision.

During these times, faith is all you have and be bold you must be, for this is just you, God and the future. But remember God is the God of the future, He will set you apart from the rest of the world and make a plan for you, that is if you trust Him.

[Growth] When you use your faith, you will only be as strong as you can be, but God will use these times to strengthen you.

Orang hebat pasti pernah gagal tapi bangkit

[A grand design] Once you step out from your confort zone and enter the faith zone, you will begin to see God’s grace and God’s wonderous grand design. You will witness before yourself how everything fell into place.


Personal experience

  • bimbel enterance examination
  • gojek preacher
  • SUTD admission officer

[How to enter God’s plan]

  • Go into felloship, it’s where the word of God cirulates
  • Read, not just the Bible but more books
  • Talk to people, they can be God’s messenger.
  • Obey your parents.