Kettle Battle

Every April there was a kettle battle On the dining table the metals wrestle Standing on one side was a little kettle The opponents rattle, little kettle tembled

The match begun, it was the first level With his ladle, the little kettle won the medal the table tremble as the Kettles Battle Scared and little, a beetle got stuck in a bottle

the little kettle saw the beetle in the bottle Felt sorry He pulled him out with his ladle the bottle beetle drank a mapple juice given by the kettle, settled, the brave little kettle continued his battle

It’s time for the second level The Kettles hiked up the coffee table A grand bagel is for the mightiest metal Unfortunatly the little kettle fell of the table

The audience tremble as he fell over His reputation lost it’s all over The bottle beetle saw the broken kettle His wound was fatal, unbearable

Reminded with his kindness the beetle came closer His wound was fatal, incurable Standing with his ladle he was unstable It’s time to retire, said the bottle beetle

In the end the beetle and the kettle Sat down under the bright glowing candle On the table they rested, they drank some mapple It was April when the metal kettles battle