Entry to the Grace of God


We all need a place of deliverance, a safe haven where we can lay down our tired souls and to be ready for the next fight. We need a person to look up to, a hero we can find assurance, and an ideal to strive for.

This is the grace of God, an unlimited supply of limited love for those who are willing to recieve. The grace of God is like a trophy that was given before the race started. See, the system of the world behaves in a way that reward winners with prizes and let the losers to figure out by themeselves on what to do with that shame on their faces. But God operates in a different nature.

By grace he motivates everybody to fight, to get back up and to continue running. He rewards the losers, He gave them love and care that actually motivates them to get back up for now they know that their race isn’t done yet, there is still Hope.

That is the throne of grace, a place of Hope where we meet our Here Jesus Christ, He presenta before us an ideal to live up to. To strive and to keep running.


Matthew 6:6 (NET) But whenever you pray, go into your room, close the door, and pray to your Father in secret. And your Father, who sees in secret, will reward you.


Now let me show you what my save haven looks like, the throne of God in my life. We all find trouble, we thought it was the end but life kept going. Therefore we need a place to rest and just take step back to see how far we’ve gone.

My place is at my father’s loving arms. He can’t help my studies, nor my social conflicts nor my unutterable pangs, but he can intercede between me and God. He can be a place to just cry and a push to get back up. I fall as much as i get back up, that is the important point.

The throne of grace could be anything, but this is mine. I believe a father is crucial to a child’s growth and development, not only physicat but mentally. A father hits the child for correction but heals the child immediately after that. He makes us cry for our deeda but motivates us to get back up. His life became an ideal to strive to.