Chastened for our peace

🌟 Remarks

There is something about being home, where everything is just right. There is the feeling of safety and stability and above all it is where we belong. In real life, home isn’t just a place, it is also a status and the definition of who we are. For example, eagles live in the forest roof because they are eagles. Ants live in their underground network because they’re ants. You get the point. For humans each and everyone of us have a place where we belong but most of us just haven’t found it yet.

The dangerous thing about this “lost from home” thing is when humans get together in a group and instead of sharing with each other what they can bring out of their uniqueness (home), they try to steal each other’s home. This happens because in addition to being lost, humans are also jealous of each other. When one man has finally found his home, the other try to reclaim it to be his. This is human nature. Uniqueness is found in God, and fellowship is where we can share it. It is best that one finds his uniqueness first before going into fellowship lest he/she grew jealousy over another’s uniqyeness and creates a competition between brethrens. This is like creating different teams inside a team which will only lead them to miss the grand goal. To be unique means to be set apart.

In the hebrew literature, holy ( קדוש ) also means unique, to be different and sanctified. In the jewish temples there are instruments and utensils that are set apart from the other ones, cleaned thoroughly, purified and then sanctified for their unique purpose, like the knife for cutting, cauldron for washing and so on. We humans to in order to find our uniqueness must be set apart, to be sanctified for our work. Just like John who wander and preach in the wilderness for a long time until the time came where he finally meet God and baptise Him. Or Moses who is set apart and became an egyptian far from his people’s culture before being retrieved to deliver the people of Israel from slavery. And isn’t holiness our grand goal of being a Christian?

🌟 Reference

Exodus 2:11 And it came to pass in those days, when Moses was grown, that he went out unto his brethren, and looked on their burdens: and he spied an Egyptian smiting an Hebrew, one of his brethren. Exodus 4:18 And Moses went and returned to Jethro his father in law, and said unto him, Let me go, I pray you, and return unto my brethren which are in Egypt, and see whether they be yet alive. And Jethro said to Moses, Go in peace.

Matthew 3:1 (UKJV) In those days came John the Baptist, preaching in the wilderness of Judaea, Matthew 3:14 (UKJV) But John forbad him, saying, I have need to be baptized of you, and come you to me?

2 Chronicles 24:14 And when they had finished it, they brought the rest of the money before the king and Jehoiada, whereof were made vessels for the house of the LORD, even vessels to minister, and to offer likewise, and spoons, and vessels of gold and silver. And they offered burnt offerings in the house of the LORD continually all the days of Jehoiada.

🌟 Relevancy

We all long to find our uniqueness, and people do serious things to discover it. In my case, I sort of receive a headstart, I discovered, or at least my parents discovered my uniqueness at the age of around 2. I was interested in destroying toys, building lego stuff and drawing. And I kept on doing all of that until now, except that now not only do I break things, I also fix them. As I grew on, I joined fellowships as well as communities in various places. I began to discover other people’s different uniqueness too.

Soon I became interested in their uniquness, I tried them out, hang on for a while and finally abandoning my own. This brought me many fears at the moment that I realize I had no home.

Quite a lesson I should say, one fight so hard to gain a territory while I saw one and just took it. I simply took it.