Chastened for Our Peace

We live life, we face problems, we repeat. That is the system we are living in. But then certain times, it gets from boring to worse, a drunk driver is speeding accross the street when suddently your Dad is turning around. Boom crash, He is now in the Hospital. You pray for God for help and then you feel better, nothing happens tho just you feeling better. Then because your Dad doesn’t work anymore, your family economics start to drop, you get out of school cause you can’t pay.

Then you pray to God, then you feel better. Then your mom start to be angry all the time, because she needs to handle all the pressure whilst working for the family, you pray to God for her and then you fell better.

That is an example of a life on Earth, problems are our old friend. When one problem comes it seemed to invite other problems to come as well, making things not better, but worse.

But do you see the pattern here? We pray everytime there is trouble, and whenever we pray we feel better, we restore joy and hope into our heart when previously it was lost. The Joy from the Lord helps us persevere in faith as we walk through dark valleys.

“God chasten us with problems, problems are the teachers God sent for us.”

When Jesus died on the cross, why does He let 3 days past before He rose again. When the ressurected Jesus walked with the 2 men that came out of the city, why do He let them walk a whole jourey before they realize it was Him all along. When we wait for the new phone, why is there a time between the announcement and the reveal? When we pray why doesn’t it immediately answered?

Because Jesus wants us to be patient. After He died on the cross, 2 days past and He haven’t ressurected yet then people’s faith degrade and some even forsake their faith towards Jesus. But those who PERSEVERE IN FAITH grows!

That little gap between the ANNOUNCEMENT and the REVEAL, that is called FAITH. There is where we grow and become a strong believer with a strong faith as He chasten us.