A Blood Sprinkled Heart

During the day of atonement, the priest will take a clean and unblemished animal, usually lamb, and then burn it as a living sacrifice, the priest then use the blood that is formerly taken and sprinkle the Holy Chamber with blood, sprinkle the blood around the temple and that way the sins of Israel is atoned for.

How does this work? Why is the cutting of an animal and the sprinkling of its blood atone our sins, isn’t that just gross and messy? Well it is the commandment of the Lord. Why did the Lord ask them to do that? I don’t know but we can just be sure that it is for good reason, when we trust Him, we can let go the need to know why, for He knows better than us. Okay back to the topic, why the sprinkling of blood?

Well Blood represent life. That is why He forbid the ancient people to eat blood for in it the life abides.

Deuteronomy 12:23 Only be sure that you do not eat the blood, for the blood is the life; you may not eat the life with the meat.

The blood represents the life that good has given to us, when we sin, we cast our sins to the animals and when the animal is slaughtered, the animal life that is now sinful dies carrying our sins with it.

Because desire leads to sin which when fully ripe, leads to death. And death is where sin stops, Sin will always be in us unil we perish with it. That is why when the Israelites sin, the priest cast their sin to the living sacrifice, prayed to the Lord then kill it. For the sin will now be stopped by the life of the lamb that is in its blood

Then Jesus came along and offered Himself as the ultimate sacrifice for all of us, when He died we are redeemed. During the sprinkling of His blood, we are atoned for and we live the life of a new